Episode 11 – Gretchen Lock Talk

Overview Before we investigate anything, we like to delve into the background and history of the place. Colin is our expert at that and has done a great job finding out the truth behind Gretchen’s Lock. If you aren’t sure what we’re talking about, Gretchen’s Lock is part of a system of locks built in… Continue reading Episode 11 – Gretchen Lock Talk

Episode 09 – Research

Episode Overview One area that isn’t focused on is how to research. This is an important part of looking into the weird and strange, particularly cryptids. The more information you know about an area and the animals in that area, the better prepared you will be when looking into anything that may seem unusual. Colin… Continue reading Episode 09 – Research

Episode 02 – Ron and the Witches

Ron has an upcoming appearance as a speaker and he will be giving a talk about witches. The talk was at the Southwest PA Haunted Con. He delves into the history and lore of witches and witchcraft, including the modern wicca. The discussion centers around lore and historical aspects of witches. things like medicine to… Continue reading Episode 02 – Ron and the Witches