Episode 12 – More Experiences and Drugs

Overview Gina tells about more of her experiences. One story had her son as a witness and they believe it involved old toy soldiers that were found. She also worked in a hospital and had several encounters that were interesting to say the least. We discuss how some people see things but others dont and… Continue reading Episode 12 – More Experiences and Drugs

Episode 09 – Research

Episode Overview One area that isn’t focused on is how to research. This is an important part of looking into the weird and strange, particularly cryptids. The more information you know about an area and the animals in that area, the better prepared you will be when looking into anything that may seem unusual. Colin… Continue reading Episode 09 – Research

Episode 04 – Experiences

Have you seen things you can’t explain? Feel that you’re in tune with parts of the universe that others aren’t? Believe in ghosts? You aren’t alone. Gina talks with us about things she’s experienced throughout her life. Things she’s seen, heard and experienced. As usual, we discuss various aspects and perspectives of these experiences. Are… Continue reading Episode 04 – Experiences