Episode 08 – Interview with Stan Gordon

Today is a special episode with a special guest – Stan Gordon. Stan has been doing investigations into Bigfoot and UFO’s in the Chestnut Ridge area of Pennsylvania since the 60’s. His team has looked into hundreds and has made the connection in the area between UFO sightings and Bigfoot sightings. In the chat, Stan… Continue reading Episode 08 – Interview with Stan Gordon

Episode 07 – Debunking

Today we talk about proof and debunking. One issue in today’s world is it being WAY too easy to fake a picture and video. And, so much of what you find on the internet is so questionable as to what is being seen. A picture looks completely different at times than something it real life.… Continue reading Episode 07 – Debunking

Episode 06 – Vampire Beast of Bladenboro

The Collective wanted to delve into a topic you don’t hear discussed as much – Mystery Carnivores with a focus on the Vampire Beast of Bladenboro. This is a hot topic for Colin and one of his favorites, with a specialty on cats. There have been many claimed sightings and encounters that could fall under… Continue reading Episode 06 – Vampire Beast of Bladenboro