Schneider Backyard

In our upper acre, we have a small pine forest. In recent years, we have discovered built formations while walking through the woods. We aren’t sure when these started, but have discovered several. Our neighbors are farmers and doubt they would come onto our property to create these structures just to mess with us. Above us is a gun club and can’t believe they would as it would cause problems with the club. On the other side is an abandoned auction barn.

Here are some of the structures we found throughout the woods. They are too interwoven to be natural and just normal sticks falling and I’ve camped in the woods for most of my life and never seen sticks just fall out of trees and land like this. Especially so many in various places.

We do have others if there is interest. They were taken with a camera phone and a digital camera. I took the photos off the sd cards and have tried to not compress them.

the part that has Colin the most intrigued is that they are joined with a type of mud glue. And its very strong as some of these have held up for over 2 years. here is a close up of one of the glue spots.

The thing that got me a bit freaked was a new structure that appeared one night. There had been a pile of brush in an open field by the woods that I had been cleaning up. One day I put same gas (yeah, I know, not the brightest but I made sure to stay away when lighting) – anyway, I burnt up a lot of the pile because I want to clean it up so we just have grass. The next morning, I went back up there to continue to work, and found this little structure build right where I had been piling wood to burn.

We are continuing to follow this.