Bonus Episode – MI Paracon

Stephen and Gina recently attended the MIParacon and had a wonderful time meeting and talking with everyone.

They met the Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Caught on Camera, Ghost Brothers and more. It was a fun and enjoyable weekend.

Many of the people told us about the most weird thing they’ve ever seen. Check out the episode to hear the various answers. The sound quality is a bit rough at time and that’s because we were in a crowded hall. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

Heard are:

Dean Haglund

Cliff Barackman

Dustin Peri

Nick Redfern

Jeff Belanger

Jason Hawes

Steve Gonsalves

Butch Patrick

Aaron Sagers

Check out Dean Haglund’s Hellacious Renovations:

Check out Aaron Sagers Road Trip:



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