Episode 06 – Vampire Beast of Bladenboro

The Collective wanted to delve into a topic you don’t hear discussed as much – Mystery Carnivores with a focus on the Vampire Beast of Bladenboro. This is a hot topic for Colin and one of his favorites, with a specialty on cats.

There have been many claimed sightings and encounters that could fall under the mystery carnivore category and Colin discusses several of his favorites with us.

We’ll discuss:

  • How carnivores attack and when it’s not normal
  • The report of the Vampire Cat of Bladenboro and tracing the dates of reports
  • The difference between cat attacks and Bigfoot sightings
  • A possible group of cougars in Britain
  • Why it probably wasn’t a vampire, even though they reported the animals had no blood
  • other reports back to the 1700’s of the Santer
  • how cattle mutilations point to cats and not aliens
  • finding information by research to eliminate wrong possibilities
  • how TV changes actual investigations
  • is the Chupacabra real?
  • reports of blue and white tigers
  • the updated Carl Shukar book
  • Colin’s continuing mystery predation research

Enjoy the episode. If you have any comments or suggestion, please leave them below or use the contact page.

In the episode, Colin mentions Jan Dohner – an expert on animal predation. You can find Jan’s sit at – https://www.jandohner.com


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