Episode 02 – Ron and the Witches

Ron has an upcoming appearance as a speaker and he will be giving a talk about witches. The talk was at the Southwest PA Haunted Con. He delves into the history and lore of witches and witchcraft, including the modern wicca.

The discussion centers around lore and historical aspects of witches. things like medicine to get rid of a fever and helping breech babies be born were looked upon as magic and the woman would be considered a witch. A few cases from the local Pennsylvania area are discussed and what the trials were for them.

Throughout history witches were prevalent for healing and other ‘sorcery’. This has affected our viewpoint of witches today, and Ron talks about how different ages and cultures have viewed witchcraft differently.

In a future episode we will have his talk for you to hear and listen to.

If you are interested in Ron’s book On Witches, check it out below:

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