Episode 01 – Meet the Clique

In our first official episode, you get a chance to meet us. We each take a couple minutes to talk about our background and who we are. For reference, we refer to each of us as:

Ron – the investigator – Ron has not only investigated reports of various paranormal events, but is a regular speaker at conventions, has written numerous books and is a TV personality. He is known as the Crypto-Guru.

Colin – the researcher – At one time, Colin was not only the youngest avid cryptozoologist, but also helped start the young Cryptozoologist branch of the Centre for Fortean Zoology. Colin also has talked at conventions and has written a book. He is known as the Crypto-Kid.

Gina – the experiencer – Gina’s lifelong interest in the paranormal own stems from her own experiences and encounters. She brings her affinity to see things not seen by the rest of us.

Stephen – the tech guy – Stephen has been fascinated by the paranormal since childhood and encouraged that in Colin. He has spent most of his life with computers and brings that knowledge to the clique.

Each week we’ll discuss a different topic and each of us will supply our thoughts and insights. We will interview researchers and book writers. We’ll look at legend, lore and mythology. And of course we’ll do some investigating.

Enjoy the episode!

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